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2+ Pricing

Save on Multiple Copies

Any time you buy 2 or more copies of the same item, we'll automatically give you 5% off! It's a great way for teachers to save money when buying for their studio, or for choir directors to save everyday! Some exclusions apply.

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Everyday Band & Orchestra Sale

Everyday Band & Orchestra Sale

Get 5% off full sets for concert band, jazz band, marching band, and orchestra! Make your budget go further with our everyday low prices on everything, from the newest popular hits to standard repertoire. With more than 60,000 titles on sale, you'll be sure to find the right music for your ensemble.

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New Releases Sale

New Releases Sale

Stay up-to-date on the hottest music trends and save money doing it! Discover new sheet music featuring hits from today’s top artists, movie soundtracks, and musicals, or get a great deal on the latest edition of your favorite classical composers, from Bach to Hailstork.

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Bargain Basket Sale

Bargain Basket Sale

Browse a great selection of sale sheet music including jazz, opera, featured series, top composers and artists, and more in our bargain basket! Take advantage of this overstock pricing while supplies last.

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SMP Perks

Easy Rebates

Get 8% Cash Back with Easy Rebates

Calling all teachers, choir directors, and students! Join Easy Rebates today and get great member benefits, including:

• 8% cash-back on all your orders
• 8% cash-back on purchases from students and colleagues
• $5 bonus when you refer a new member (rules apply)
• Absolutely FREE to join! No fees

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Sheet Music Plus Newsletter

SMP Newsletter

Sign up for our free newsletter and stay on the pulse of what's happening in music today. Subscribers get access to exclusive offers, are the first to find out about new music, and always get the scoop on interesting current and historic musical happenings.

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Institutional Accounts

Institutional Accounts

Schools, colleges, universities, churches, and non-profit music groups in the US, Canada, and Australia may qualify for a Sheet Music Plus Institutional Account and receive the following benefits:
• Free Budget Shipping on all orders of $35 or more
• Purchase orders accepted
• Net 30 terms for purchase order invoices
• FREE to apply

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Sheet Music Plus Affiliate Program

Sheet Music Plus Affiliate Program

Earn Money with Your Website!
Join the #1 sheet music affiliate program to earn 8% - 12% commission on every purchase your visitors make at our store. We've shipped millions of orders because we have something for everyone - with a selection of over 2 million titles, we can help anyone earn commission through our Affiliate Program. Using the customizeable links and data feeds we provide, you can tailor your presentation to your site's needs. Plus, it's FREE to sign up!

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